The conference will be held at the Mathematical Center in Bedlewo, Poznan, Poland. You can reach Poznan by air or by train (it takes approximately three hours) from Warsaw or Berlin. The distance between Poznan and Bedlewo is about 30 km. Please let us know the exact date and time of your arrival if you want to be picked up from the Poznan airport or railway station by a Bedlewo mini-bus (recommended). Getting to Bedlewo on your own is possible: you can reach Bedlewo from Poznan by taxi. The estimated cost is 140 - 200 PLN (30 - 40 EUR); you can take a train from Poznan to Mosina, and then 13 kilometers by taxi. The cost of a taxi from Mosina to Bedlewo should be about 30 - 50 PLN (6 - 10 EUR).

Additional information about the conference location and how to reach Bedlewo can be found at at the Mathematical Center's home page.

If you are interested in other connections please look at the Polish Railways website or German Railways.

In case of any problems: (for example you are already in Poznan or Mosina and no buses, no taxi, no hope) call directly the Conference Center in Bedlewo at (61) 813 51 87 We will do our best to help you.

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